Blue Marine Resort & SPA – 5 stars
Crete, Greece

Digital marketing outsourcing.


Winter Park Hotel – 4 stars
Baku, Azerbaijan

Revenue management consulting & digital marketing outsourcing for the best non-chain hotel of the country.

Theatro Hotel Odysseon
Meteora, Kalambaka, Greece

Outsourced distribution setup, management, consulting and training of employees in regards to distribution management, loyalty marketing, price optimization. 

Meteora, Kalambaka, Greece

Majestic City Retreat Hotel – 4 stars
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

In-house rooms revenue management and eCommerce.

Ambeli Apartments 
Santorini, Greece

Outsourced distribution setup, management, consulting and training of reservations department.


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Revenue Management

We are specialized from A to Z in Revenue Management. Starting from analyzing competitors pricing, to price architecture, distribution setup and management, group segment pricing and more

Digital Marketing

We are here to help you grow your business and achieve your ROI goals with our expertise in market research & analysis, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and much more.

Branding & Design

Have you already imagined your ideal logo and brand identify? Here at Revify we are committed to help you visualize your desired and position your digital brand identify in the business world in the most effective way.