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Revify is a proud Co-Founder of Hotellab, the most advanced RMS.  This tool was developed in cooperation with our company based on the expertise of our Revenue Managers and the current needs of the market.


We make hotel pricing and marketing simple and profitable. We offer a unique combination of developments in the field of Revenue Management, pricing and digital marketing. Our solutions help to increase profits from the first steps for booth leading hotel chains and small boutique hotels.

All in one tool

Competitors rates, pick-up reporting, forecasting, displacement analyzes and more advanced tools in one app. 

Collection of competitors prices

Analysis of competitors prices and the dynamics of their changes depending on the depth, date of arrival, and also analysis of the availability of hotels in the city

Load Prediction

The system's algorithm predicts occupancy for the coming periods with an accuracy of 90%, helps hotels plan their activities

Personalized algorithm 

Before integrating algorithm, our team personalizes setup to make sure that all individual factors of a hotel apply in future recommendations 

Analysis of bookings

The system analyzes metrics such as loading, booking depth, segmentation, sales rate, RevPAR, by examining data based on the level of each booking

Booking depth

Tracking booking depth for each future date across different sources, demand segments, room categories, and rate codes

Hotellab is trusted by..


Mare Monte, Thassos

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